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The wedding evening party is an integral part of every bride and groom's big day. A day which has taken many months to prepare and plan. It is probably the second biggest item within your schedule for the day after the formal ceremonies have been. completed and usually, the finale of the whole day! The time when the Invited guests come together with other members of the family, friends and work colleagues to meet up, socialise and celebrate with the happy couple. It's also a great time to relax, let your hair down and PARTY! An obvious statement we know but, the DJ you book for the wedding after party really does hold the key to the success of the whole night's proceedings . Booking the right professional DJ for the party is a statement that cannot be overstated. NOT ALL DJS ARE THE SAME!


The fee you pay for a DJ can be from as little as £100 to £1000 plus depending on the DJ & the equipment used but with a wedding or any kind of special celebration, there really is only one chance to get it right as usually the DJ is the only entertainment booked for the wedding after party so it really is vital the DJ you book has the experience and charisma, the right equipment to give your room the wow factor and the right music you and your guests enjoy dancing to. You'll be very fortunate if the cheapest DJ you find turns out to be the right DJ. Booking your DJ through an agency or direct through a hotel invariably means some of your entertainment budget is lost and taken in booking fees often leaving you with a DJ that is not worth the fee you have paid! Our fees reflect the creative entertainment service we provide and your equipment requirements. We offer good value for money and a professional & personal service that every wedding demands.

I also believe in the personal touch. I don't show up with a playlist. I'll read the room! I also LOVE taking photos of a busy dancefloor, which I'll always send to you after the big day!

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